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Regular maintenance, prompt spot removal and scheduled cleaning can extend life, appearance and performance of modular Carpet Tiles.

These guidelines are to give suggestions, recommendations in manufacturer’s best opinion in regards to response for common conditions and long-term maintenance required for modular Carpet tiles.

Refer to (AS/NZS 3733:1995 Textile floor coverings - Cleaning maintenance of residential and commercial carpeting) In conjunction with guidelines setout in this literature.

Get in touch with Newspec or consult with carpet cleaning professional service if unsure.


Preventative Measures

Entrance Walk-off Zone

Entrance flooring system such as walk-off mats can be installed to brush off and collected exterior dirt, contaminants from reaching interior floor.

Caster Chair Mats

By placing chair mats under caster chair can greatly extend life of carpet piles, preventing piles from crushing and matting.

Indoor Conditions

Maintaining an indoor condition that is not excessive humid, away from area of potential spill and drops.

Design & Planning

Allow longer interior walk off zone before reaching carpeted area. Rotate furniture layout to encourage change of traffic path to allow pile wearing evenly.


Spot Cleaning

In the case of accidental pill, use dry paper towel or cloth to dab the affected area, do not rub or scrub as it can spread contaminants over unaffected area. Once spill is mostly absorbed, use wet paper towel or cloth to dab and drive out moisture with dry towel. Leave it to be air dried after several cycle.

Use cloth with common household items such as soapy water, dish cleaner liquid, alcohol or vinegar for oily, stubborn stain after spill is mostly dabbed with dry cloth.

Consult professional cleaning contractor if stain resists or unsure.

modular carpets are design with ease of maintenance. In the case of permanent stain or unrecoverable damage, simply replace the affected carpet tile.

Routine Maintenance

Recommended maintenance frequency using vacuum and water extraction or similar deep cleaning process. Adjust frequency as condition varies.


Traffic Volume

Example Area

Vacuum Clean

Water Extraction or Similar Deep Clean


Executive Office

2 Per Week

As Required


General Office

3 Per Week

2 Years





Extra Heavy

Public Access


6 Month



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