Teach you how to choose dining room rug

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Dining room is a high frequency use area. It is inevitable that there will be stains or sweat stains on the carpet. If the carpet is not suitable, it will not only have no decorative effect, the dining room will become a hygienic problem.


Here are a few suggestions to choose:

1.  Rug Size

The size of the rug must exceed the range of people sitting down to eat, which will prevent the chair from damaging the rug. The size should extend 60-70CM beyond the edge of the dining table, which is suitable and beautiful.

2. Rug Anti-fouling

Rice stains are inevitable, so be sure to choose the anti-fouling of the rug. Whether you choose machine-made rugs or hand-made rugs in the dining room, be sure to ask about the cleaning method and stain resistance of the rug.

The fact is that natural fibers are more stain resistant than chemical fibers. Dining room rugs are recommended to use handmade rugs, either silk or wool. Silk has a short pile and a thin surface, which is not easy to hide dirt and dirt, and wool itself has good anti-fouling properties.

3. Rug Shape

Rugs are not only rectangles, but also circles, ovals, polygons, etc. Especially for restaurants, you can try special shapes to add a little personality to the space. The shape of the dining room rug can be selected according to the shape of the dining table, which will create a sense of harmony and unity in the restaurant space.

4. Rug Hue

Choosing a dark hue for the dining room rug is a no-brainer that won't make the stain on the rug look obvious. But light-toned rugs are really pretty, and if you like light-toned rugs, or your dining room isn’t often used for dining, then you can definitely use light-toned rugs.

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