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Traditionally carpet tile products have been used in commercial and hospitality applications. 

It is accepted that carpet tile works well in high traffic areas such as offices and conference rooms. 

The trend, as carpet tile has become more diverse it how it’s manufactured and designed, 

is to use this flooring product in residential installations.

Here are a few reasons to use carpet tile in your home:

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Hands down, if you are seeking a comfort oriented product for the rooms in your home,

 carpet tile is better than hard surface flooring like wood or stone.

If you are seeking acoustic isolation or sound absorption properties in your flooring products, 

carpet tile exceeds most any hardwood or rolled carpet product.

If you are working on a budget, carpet tile is easily installed by home owners without any special skill or tools.

Design flexibility is something that traditional carpet or hardwood can’t offer. 

Carpet tile can be turned during installation to create patterns within the pattern for a unique look.

Smart consumers are trying to buy products that help protect our environment. Carpet tile is well known for being recyclable.

The next time you are replacing the flooring in your house, consider whether carpet tile might be a product you can benefit from.

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