newspec was established in US

we landed in China in 2013 to invest in modular carpet manufacturing plant. With production plant of only 5000 square meter but more than 50 % unique production equipment are researched and developed by our own technical team.

Our product range include Solution Dyed, Tufted Yarn with Hexbac ™ backing system and infinity dye ™ Post‐Dye Injection with ESC ™ elastic backing. Application covering workplaces, hotel and residential buildings with annual product output of 1.5 million square meters.

Newspec ensure strict quality measures are implemented and concurrently channel resources to develop innovative, visually appealing modular carpets. With our team focusing on manufacturing equipment development and product innovation, Newspec has the capability to lead and serve the ever‐evolving market today. It’s not just carpet we are making but offering a client specific, customized fashion design to enhance space atmosphere. During the entire production process, we source high grade raw material that are non‐toxic, recyclable and sustainable.

In addition, Eco‐Revive ™ program has been developed in relation with our client to take in used carpets and selectively recycle material those which meets our standard, these material are then processed to an industrial grade and joined to the next production cycle. From these we truly achieved zero emission production. At the same time we are constantly improving our production technologies, pushing design boundaries to create modular carpet that are fashionable and socially responsible. Newspec welcome everyone to share their idea with us and together to achieve their design visions.

carpet tile 

compose your floor rhythm  Adding value to your environment is our constant faith and responsibility Office  Residential   Hospitality?

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Green is a color of life, it breeds and nourishes life. From green there grows a full spectrum of colors.

It is not the rhetoric that truly tests our contribution to the environment, 

but the actions of our entrepreneurs. We believe that everyone should have a sense of responsibility in protecting the environment, and we 

being a manufacturer is crucial in leading the initiative.

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Our Story Foundation  of Newspec

Foundation of Newspec can be summed up in one simple phrase-passion for design of Carpet Tiles

It all started with an aim of producing the most desirablecarpettiles. 

Spanning50years, we began with the research and development of equipment in the United States, 

then followed by setting up Newspec carpet tile production line in China.

 A unique proprietary multi structure carpet tile produc-tion line-“fusion”,

 utilise clever techniques to form raw materials in a way that is precise and ultra-sta-ble. 

This has laid a solid foundation for Newspec products and in a result-our products meet 

interna-tional standards and are recognised by certifying bodies.

In conversation with latest design trend, clients can select from a series of in-house design collections 

to a full custom design set, we have the means to realise your vision for any project. 

Thanks to our dying technology-"Infinity Dye", a single tile digital dye injection tech with 

pin point accuracy and unlimited color palette, 

not only eliminates minimum order quantity but provide a new way to achieve any pattern that designer is after. 

In addition, applica-tions are extended from office environment to many public area,hotel and residential area.

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Green Spirit

As an international manufacturer, Newspec takes lead in sustainable development. Eco-Environment design has been 

integrated into every step of the production process. We have achieved various environmental standard requirements 

with zero emissions throughout the production process. In addition to complying with regulations and striving to 

prevent pollution, Newspec also draws on the circular economy model"cradle to cradle".As a result,we are continuously 

improving our environ-mental performance.


This is an individual tile, zero-emission, high-precision digital dye injection tech-“Infinity Dye”.The dye injection production

line has completely changed the case of serious sewage discharge from the carpet dying equipment, through this we

have truly achieve zero-emission in waste from this process. The end result is a high precision pixels perfect texture.

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Personalized Customization

Newspec is a carpet tile manufacturer that specialize ir customization. Personalised designs are one of a kind and have unique attributes. 

We have a team of designeers who can tranform ideas into reality, 

accurately express-ing the artistic orientation of the interior designer therefor fully satisfying our customers spiratually and

 phycologi-cally and at the same time allowing Newspec to stand out in the increasingly competitive industry.

 For a long time we have worked towards building a brand that exells in customization,

 we have accumilated richer and more reliable artistic abilities and intentions.

We are still working hard to improve the ability of personalized manufacturing, integrate culture into fashion 

trends, continuously improve the cultural and artistic accomplishment of products, and do our best to present 

the most beautiful artistic conception in the hearts of interior designers to customers!

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As a carpet tile manufacturer, Newspec has raised the design and marketing concept of products to reflect individual culture. 

Art is spiritually oriented, rationalised ideas to form final shape of an art piece that defines a culture..



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